We help small and midsized companies solve business challenges with learning strategies
Our learning consultants work with you to design learning strategies and solutions that capture, curate, and share organizational knowledge, promoting continuous learning, and releasing the power of collaborative learning to solve your business challenges.

We understand small and Mid-sized Companies

We understand that you have real constraints and concerns when it comes to learning and development needs. Along with limited budget, and lack of resources, the typical lean corporate structure ensures that every employee, from the CEO down, has a full plate of daily responsibilities and not much capacity to take on tasks that don’t drive the day’s work forward. We are here to help.

Our Services
We help small and midsized companies solve business challenges with learning strategies. Leverage our expertise to address your needs, solve your problems, advance your mission, and exceed your expectations. We enter each engagement with no preconceived solutions or tools. You choose how you would like to work with us, so it fits your needs. 


Let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll collaborate to uncover the learning strategies needed to address your business challenges. 


Pick our brains. You’ll work with some of the most experienced Learning & Development professionals,  and walk away with ideas and insights.


We’ll get into the weeds. From digital games, to knowledge capture and sharing, in-the-workflow and micro learning, we design unforgettable learning experiences.
Years Experience
Our Approach

Identify critical business and learning objectives.


Know the audience,  their challenges, and their story.


What currently happens vs what should happen.


Design a strategy that addresses the problem.


Use stories, marketing, and advertising techniques.


Capture, curate, and share knowledge, integrated into the workflow.

About You

You are a small or midsized company. You either have no learning & development team, or your team is overwhelmed and needs support. You have a pressing business challenge and need help with a learning strategy or solution. You have been delivering training to your workforce or audience, but they are not engaged, and not applying what they learn. Your workforce is not sharing important knowledge, best practices, and successful methods, in an effective way. You need to capture, curate and share knowledge and don’t know where to begin. You need to train channel partners, but lack the in-house expertise to design an effect, scalable strategy. 

Engaging us

Our goal is to help you address your challenges. Make your life easier.



Let us know what challenges you are facing.



We’ll dig a bit deeper to see how we might be able to help.



We’ll share our thoughts on how we can move forward.

We’re grateful to work with incredible clients

Each clients is unique. For this reason, we approach projects with an agile mindset – ready to adapt to the needs of our clients. Below are a few of our clients, and here are some of our projects, which have given us some memorable stories.

Financial Services Client
Director, Global Security Services

The Dadoly Group’s team professionalism, creativeness and ability to collaborate were exceptional. We look forward to the next project in the future.

Non Profit Client
Program Manager

You exceeded expectations, worked with our aggressive timeline, conceptualized and brought to light our vast amount of complicated content, and were very patient with all of our questions and requests.

Disaster Recovery Client

The Dadoly Group has been a pathfinder for our company in the use of emerging technology, models for accelerated knowledge transfer and organization collaboration.

Biotechnology Client
Vice President

The Dadoly Group has been a valuable resource for us over the years. They have easily worked with a variety of teams, helping to design creative, impactful solutions that address a variety of learning needs and business challenges.

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