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Sure we won an award. We apologize for that. What we set out to do was solve our client’s training problem.

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Project Overview

Yes, this training won the Chief Security Officer Magazine CSO50 2020 award for Best of Training Category: Security Awareness and Training. We apologize for that. That was not the intent, and while most firms like ours love to win awards, we think chasing awards can be a distraction.

We didn’t set out to win, or even enter, anything. We’re not about trophies on the mantle. What we set out to do was solve our client’s training problem. That’s what we did. Here’s how:

The client had spearheaded the dissemination of important safety and security information to all worldwide employees. Information that they needed to understand and apply to their work.

Yet, after consuming the existing training content, most of the audience still did not apply it correctly. Doing “it” wrong caused big problems for the company. The client asked herself . . .”Why don’t they get this. How do I help them understand the importance and help them change behavior?

We worked with the client’s team to gain a deep understanding of the audience, their challenges, the content, the context, the ultimate goal, and the current disconnect. We brainstormed and analyzed ideas.

What we learned during our search for answers drove our design. We recommended learning experiences, delivery systems, and media approaches that aligned with the learning imperatives and the project budget. We landed on a story-driven series of brief episodic graphic novel style learning experiences that included interactive gaming elements to move learners progressively through stronger understanding and skill levels. We leveraged the learning science of retrieval practice with spaced micro-lesson episodes, repeating questions at varying intervals over episodes to ensure employees retained the information over time.

The client reported increased interaction and engagement as well as retention and awareness of policies. The management team is very happy with the results as it “exceeded expectations.”

The client received a great deal of positive feedback about the episodic, story driven, gamified graphic novel theme. “This is one of the most engaging learning experiences I’ve taken!

Which is why the client submitted the training for an award (we were happy to hear the news, of course).

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