Members of the client’s sales and marketing team leaving and taking the knowledge they had gained with them. We designed a custom solution for the capture, curate, transfer, and manage of knowledge in a collaborative way.

Financial Technology Solutions


Consulting, solution design, solution development


9 months

Project Overview

We worked with the client to design a strategy to capture, curate and share critical knowledge and experience within the client’s  sales and marketing team. The strategy included a process to capture knowledge, and a technology solution to curate and share knowledge. The  portal technology was a custom state-of-the-art learning portal solution designed to easily capture, curate, manage, and transfer knowledge. 

The portal was a combination of a document management system and content management system and gave employees personalized access to content and information specific to their role, workgroup, and department. The portal offered employees the ability to upload user created content, rate the quality and effectiveness of the content via a user driven content rating system, share stories, experience, tips, and techniques through a discussion board, in a streamlined and time-efficient manner. 

An internal marketing and promotional strategy identified early adopters, incentivizing them to share knowledge, helped them create content and promote it, and gave visibility to employees that engaged with the portal and added most value to it.

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