Staying The Course

The real story of this project is how we were able to stay on plan and on task through some major client personnel changes.

Computer Company


Analysis and Solution Design 


11 Months

Project Overview

Chances are, if you have a computer, this client’s logo is on it. They came to us to help them address a training need and roll it out world-wide. And, they had some very strong preconceived notions of exactly how they wanted the training presented—lots of high-tech, lots of virtual reality, lots of cutting-edge programming befitting a tech company of their stature.

Our analysis of their objectives, goals, audience, and the use of technology world-wide suggested going in another direction. We proposed a series of short events and activities that leverage technology by creating profound, gut level learning moments that affect real change in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Our strategically-designed activities, games, media, activities, story sharing, and discussion opportunities, were intended to facilitate memorable moments that would last long after the training was over.

The facts spoke for themselves, and spoke to the client. He was convinced. A new path was forged, and a design plan created.

But what’s noteworthy about this project isn’t our designing and implementing a fantastic training design plan. Because while that’s exactly what we did, the real story of this project is how we were able to stay on plan and on task through some major client personnel changes.

After we worked with our client to determine our design plan and plan of action, the company’s Human Resources department took over the project. Suddenly, we had a new internal client. We worked with them to explain our design plan and training rationale. We no sooner got them on board when new senior-management stakeholders got involved. Then, corporate stakeholders from other countries got added to the mix. Soon the stakeholders went all the way to the CEO.
Each time a new player was introduced, we had to re-present our design, bring new minds onboard, and keep diverse perspectives both included and satisfied. All while keeping the project moving, staying on schedule, and keeping to our budget.

And that is exactly what we did. Why is this special? Because by working closely with the client, we helped develop the right plan to address the core needs of the company. And each added stakeholder recognized the plan’s validity, regardless of what they thought they needed when they joined the team.

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