How do you effectively train channel partners that sell a large portfolio of products, on a complex product? It requires a multi-part strategy.

Medical Technology Manufacturer


Analysis and Solution Design 


3 Months

Project Overview

Our client (a small medical technology manufacturer) had a simple but important question: “How do you effectively train channel partners that sell a large portfolio of products, on a complex product?”  Their “Mom and pop” distributors had served them well over the first few years of the product lifecycle. Training had been mostly face-to-face. Now the client needed to scale, quickly, and shift to a new channel strategy to sell to clinicians, patients, and hospitals almost exclusively through large distributors. 

The client was concerned that because the other products and devices they currently distributed were less sophisticated, the distributors would perceive our client’s product as being hard to sell.

We understood that reps need to be able to easily explain what the product did, what its value add was, describe the types of patients who may benefit from it, articulate how it compared to the competition, and get these key points across quickly in conversations with busy clinicians. 

But, since many of the distributors’ sales reps were mostly on the road making face-to-face sales calls in rural America, the opportunity to give them in-depth training was challenging. 

We designed a solution that had two main parts:

  1. Brief, easily accessible foundational learning with performance support resources in the form of a sales kit that included a collection of microlessons, mobile job aids, and reference materials, practice opportunities, podcasts, refreshers and reinforcers of key information, scorecards, and mentor checklists to create a sense of comfort and support for distributors selling the product. 
  2. Leverage the Tribal Knowledge sales training strategy, a sales-focused knowledge capture-and-transfer process that fosters a culture of continuous collaborative learning and knowledge sharing. Tapping into the collective knowledge of the sales team, curating it, finding the gold, and sharing it with others.

We developed a detailed road map of what each piece of the solution would look like, along with our recommendations on how to create the various elements. The client used internal resources to build out the solution in stages. 

Sales are up, training costs are down, and we’ll give you the details, just contact us.

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